Where and How to Download Nigerian Movies

Where and How to Download Nigerian Movies

Just like every other sector that development of the 21st century has touched and made things easier, it did also, in the entertainment sector by making one of our mode of refreshment mobile and remote-able through the use of phones and PCs.

The upgrade made it easy to see our favorites preforming what they know how to do best at the any of our zones not having to get to a location before we can.

Where and How to Download Nigerian Movies

Downloading movies has been our day to day activities in the present world that we live, and Nigerian Movies aren’t drawn back in the aspect too as its one of the most sort after on net. So I am here to highlight the most reliable sites to get Nigerian Movies and how to get it downloaded without stress.

Where and How to Download Nigerian Movies

Where Can I Download Nigerian Movies?

You can watch and download latest Nigerian movies on the following websites

1. Nigerianmovies.com.ng
2. Iroko TV
3. 9jarocks
4. NetNaija
5. Codedwap
6. YouTube
7. Netflix
8. Ibaka TV
9. Nollyland.com
10. Skycoded.com

1. Nigerianmovies.com.ng

Nigerianmovies.com.ng is noted to be the first among all its equal when it comes to downloading the best of Nigerian movies both the old and new with the best of quality. Downloading from this site do not only saves lots of stress but also saves lots of data as it doesn’t redirect like most downloading sites do.

How To Download Movies From Nigerianmovies.com.ng

  • Enter the website address https://nigerianmovies.com.ng on your browser to visit the website
  • After arriving at the homepage of Nigerianmovies.com.ng, use the search engine allocated right sidebar or at the top to search for your desired movie
  • Results of the movie being show, click on it to have a deep look through reviews and displayed picture
  • After attesting to it being what you looking for, below will be different download links for the movie you had searched for,
  • Click on any of your choice to have it downloaded
  • Then you have what you have been looking for at your disposal.

2. Iroko TV

Iroko TV is said to be nicknamed Africa Netflix as it’s superb when it comes to downloading Nigerian movies, and it has been in existence since December 2011, it also have been doing greater than ever imagined ever since its existence because its truly have brought Nigerian movies to anyone interested in it at the top of their fingers. However its not free, it takes subscription to have full access to it.

How To Download Movies From Iroko TV

  • Register and Log on to irokotv.com through app, smart phone or laptop.
  • Click on “subscribe”
  • Click on “create an account” next.
  • Fill the provided form
  • Select a means of payment
  • Select the subscription plan of your choice, that you will love to pay for.
  • Fill in your card details for payment of subscription.
  • A confirmation message with a link should be sent to your mail to activate your account.
  • Click the link provided in the mail to activate your account.
  • Select your favourite Nigerian movie to download.
  • Click download and wait patiently for the Nigerian movie to complete the process.

3. 9jarocks

9jarocks is one of the best site to download Nigerian movies with high visual. Not only does it deal with latest music and all. It does it best at Nigerian movies too. Making it available at our desired and wanted time.

How To Download Movies From 9jarock

  • Insert the word 9jarocks.com on your browser address bar to take you to the site home page
  • Click on the movie sector of the homepage
  • Then click on the type of Nigerian movie you will love to have.
  • After arriving at your desired sector, make use of the search bar to have easier access to the movie of your choice
  • Provided with several download links, Click on any to have you redirected to the download page
  • After having been redirected, Click on any download button you see to have it saved on your device.

4. NetNaija

NetNaija is also one of the most sort after and trusted in terms of delivering Nigerian movies to the easier usage of the users. Its a general site through which one can have access to tons of Nigerian Movies be it classical and recent ones. It provide additional services such that it publishes the latest news and headlines in the country and across.

How To Download Nigerian Movies From NetNaija

  • Using the link thenetnaija.com to visit the site home page
  • Click on the three bars kept at the left hand side of your mobile or pc
  • Select the Nollywood category to bring you varieties of it
  • Then use the search bar to make the search easier and accessible
  • After, Click on the result from your search
  • Use the download button to get it on your device
  • Then you have it.

Note: Not all movies on this website can be downloaded, some are to be streamed on their website.

5. Codedwap

Codedwap just as others stated above can be said to be reliable and worth seeking out for when the need for downloading Nigerian movies arises. It’s is a website where downloads of movies, audios, videos, and other media content.

How To Download Nigerian Movies From Codedwap

  • Visit the site using m.codedwap.com
  • Beneath the website logo stand a three bar, Click on it to select the category of Nigerian Movies (i.e Nollywood)
  • Use the search bar to find the movie of your choice
  • Click on the result shown, stroll down to where the download button is
  • Click on download, and it will start download to your phone/pc.

However, there are still lots and lots of sites to get Nigerian movies downloaded from but the listed one above could be said to be the most easily accessible and trusted ones i can accredit.

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