Kanye West’s New Album Title is Reportedly ‘God’s Country’

Kanye West’s New Album Title is Reportedly ‘God’s Country’ 1

Maybe we weren’t supposed to know, but the beans have been spilled on what Kanye West has been working on and what’s on the way.
According to director and cinematographer Arthur Jafa, Yeezy’s new album is titled God’s Country and he will be dropping a single as soon as next week. Apparently, he has a hand in the music video for the single.



Cinematographer Arthur Jafa tells Michèle Lamy that he’s been working with Kanye on a new video possibly dropping next week. He added that the accompanying song is from Kanye’s forthcoming album. pic.twitter.com/trwJIHtz2O
— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) May 22, 2020

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Knowing West, he changes his mind every hour, so this is all tentative and speculation from someone working close with him.
We’ll be keeping an ear out to something new, in case it’s real.

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